Material in Development

The texts presented on this page are presently in development. While not yet published, these texts can be requested from the Institute Board by completing an order.


Training institute materials are fully subsidized for those residing in Canada. You may, however, choose to contribute to their costs. To receive the texts free of charge, enter the code "Full" at checkout; this will apply a 100 percent discount to the cost of items. You are, however, responsible to cover the cost of shipping.

Obtaining Materials (Pick-Up and Delivery)

As materials in development are regularly revised, they are printed on demand with only limited quantities kept in stock.  As with published materials, they will be available for pickup at a local distribution centre or can be shipped to you at your expense. We strive to ensure that
pre-published material is ready for pickup or shipment 5 to 7 business days
after your order is placed.

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